Sunday, November 20, 2005

Stumbling Goat

We visited Stumbling Goat, a bistro on Greenwood Avenue in Seattle, after hearing rave reviews, particularly from foodies who love nothing but the highest-quality ingredients. But when you cook only the freshest ingredients picked in season, the food quality is variable, and unfortunately my visit I think was on the lower end of the scale. The squash soup was excellent, but my entree, an Alaskan cod served with mushrooms and pea vines was, well, yes it was good but I wouldn't say it was outstanding. I tasted some of the duck leg and that was much better. The restaurant décor was well-appointed with fine woodworking -- fine enough that they proudly displayed business cards of Costwold Carpentry at the front desk. Everything was cozy, good-tasting, and worth visiting but I wish we had come in, say, late-Summer or some season when maybe some of the fresh ingredients would have been more to my taste.

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