Saturday, November 19, 2005

CompUSA is selling the The Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter for only $29, so I couldn't resist anymore and brought one home.

The Linksys Wireless-B Media Adapter lets you bring the digital music and pictures stored on your computer to your Home Entertainment Center, without running cables through the house. Using a wireless connection, the Media Adapter displays your digital photographs on the TV for the whole family to enjoy. And your digital music collection is finally freed from those little computer speakers and can play in full glory through your stereo system.

It's working now, but I had an awful time setting it up. The wireless part worked just fine, but it just sat there displaying the message "Waiting for host" on my TV. After hours of frustration and a long wait on Cisco's telephone support line, I found the culprit: my Windows firewall software. I unblocked the port for the adapter and now it works great.

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