Sunday, November 20, 2005

Recall Notice on Panasonic camera

Remember my broken camcorder? The one I paid $260 to repair, and just received back in the mail?

Well now I see this from Panasonic:Panasonic 3CCD User - Important Recall Notice On PV-DV953 And PV-GS200#post30514

Panasonic has discovered a premature component failure with a limited number of PV-DV953 (2003 Model) and PV-GS200 (2004 Model) 3CCD camcorders, which may cause an abnormal camera picture (incorrect color reproduction, reddish, noisy image, etc). This anomaly is limited to a specific range of serial numbers listed below.

If your camcorder demonstrates the specific symptom and falls within the serial number range, Panasonic will repair the camcorder free of charge.

Please call the following toll-free number for assistance in receiving a free repair:

Panasonic Call Center: 1-800-973-4264

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Gene Sprague said...

Did you get re-imbursed?