Monday, June 29, 2015

My QS15 Slides

Here’s the presentation I made at the Quantified Self Conference in San Francisco last week. It doesn’t include audio, but the full text of the transcript is embedded in the notes.

All presentations at this year's conference were on a strict timer: each slide was displayed for exactly 15 seconds, in PowerPoint's automatic mode, so there was no way to go back if you missed something or rambled too long. Although that helped focus the talks and ensured everyone was well-prepared, in my case somebody's unattended cell phone started blaring about a minute into my presentation. It was very distracting and normally a speaker would need to acknowledge the interruption so the noisemaker could be silenced, but the 15-second rule required that I plod on. Hopefully when the audio is released in a few weeks, the noisy phone won't be audible, though it unfortunately meant the audience probably missed key parts of the presentation.

Anyway, I was honored to be the final Show and Tell talk, featured in the closing plenary, where I was proud to offer a small tribute to my QS mentor Seth Roberts.