Wednesday, July 01, 2015

My QS Seattle Talk: Cholesterol and my Microbiome

My presentation at the July meeting of Quantified Self Seattle, with more details about the A/B experiment I wrote about on the uBiome blog.

As always the best part of these presentations is the question and answer period, and the mingling that happens long after the formal talk. I met several people who gave me their own microbiome data right on the spot, and I was able to quickly analyze them with my uBiome tools.

One of the attendees told me about his own potato starch experiments and how it had dramatically improved his sleep, contrary to what I found for myself. The difference, we discovered, is in amounts: he uses only a teaspoon a day, much less than the 2-4 tablespoons I had been trying. I can’t wait to try a smaller dose to see if I can get the same great effect.