Thursday, August 23, 2007

Off Islanders for Maureen Judge

Maureen Judge did quite well in the August 21 primary election, winning 1300 votes -- 300 more than the next-highest candidate Mike Cero. No doubt part of her success is thanks to her fundraising.

All candidates for public office, including local elections like City Council, must make their donations public. In her case, by mid-August she reported a total of about $15,000 (the highest among City Council candidates so far). Here's a breakdown of where the money comes from:


She enjoys about 100 individual contributors so far, nearly all of them off-island.

  • None of her top 10 contributors are from Mercer Island.
  • The only Mercer Island contributors in the top 25 are Robert and Amanda Clark, who together donated $750.
  • Her largest individual contribution is the $1000 donated by Bothel Real estate agent Dan and Shauna Willner.
  • Of the top 50 contributors, here are the only ones from Mercer Island (each contributed $100):
    • Pat and Dan Braman
    • Judy Clibborn (state Representative)
    • Mike Grady (City Councilman)
    • Brian Weinstein (State Senator)

Next: I'm working on a similar breakdown of the other candidates.  Has anybody else already done this?  Anybody want to help?

[Full disclosure: I have not donated to any candidates]

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