Thursday, August 02, 2007

Amazon Fresh

I see their trucks regularly, and now apparently the full news has been leaked to TechCrunch and even the Wall Street Journal: Amazon delivers groceries to Mercer Island.  (Sign up on line)

  • No minimum order
  • Free pickup and delivery
  • Pick up same day at their local station
  • Delivery in a 1-hour time window you specify

We used WebVan quite a bit when we lived in California, at least at first, and occasionally still use the free delivery that Safeway offers locally.   We couldn't live without our weekly milk truck or the separate organic food delivery, but I'm not optimistic about a general-purpose system like Amazon:

  • It doesn't truly replace grocery shopping. They screw up the order often enough that we often end up going back to the store anyway to get one thing we forgot -- and then, what's the point?
  • I don't trust the produce unless I can look at it first.  Pioneer Organics tells me up-front that the order will have variability -- the straight-from-the-farm aspect is part of their appeal.  But how do I know if Amazon's blueberries are really ripe?

I hope they stay in business, though, if only because I like the peace of mind to know that I can order online when necessary, like if we'll be returning from out of town or if we ran out of something and don't want to go to the store before tomorrow morning.

Anybody else on Mercer Island had experience with Amazon Fresh yet?


Anonymous said...

ordered various produce, deli items and non-perishables at 4:00 pm. They were out of corn and blueberries, but the rest of the $130 order was delivered around 5:00 am Thursday morn. How nice to wake up and have your groceries waiting for far, so good.

Anonymous said...

Try!! I love it. Same selection as in the store, same low prices and club card discounts. The drivers bring it into your home and set it on your counter.