Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Early morning deliveries from AmazonFresh

Here's a great reason to use AmazonFresh (looks like they want you to spell it as one word): 4-hour delivery windows.  It's past 10pm right now and I can still order breakfast delivered to my door at 5am.  Look at this screen shot:
















Although it's nice to know they'll deliver on such short notice, I'm disappointed at the relatively minimal selection. They carry the standard items you'd expect in a typical grocery store -- a far cry from the "long tail" of hard-to-find items you expect from Earth's Biggest Bookstore. For example:

  • Coffee: basically just Folgers, Starbucks, Tulleys, and a few other national brands. No Espresso Vivace, no Cafe Vita.
  • Ethnic food: just your normal salsa, soy sauce, and asian noodles. No furikake.
  • Bakery: the fresh bread all comes from the artisan baker, Essential Baking. But if I order it now for deliver in the morning will it be fresh-baked (as in hours old), or will it be 24 hours old?  The site doesn't say and I'm not going to take a chance.
  • Cheese: boooring.  Yes, they have Beechers, which is nice.  But no sheep cheese? Come on!

Oh, and the free pickup they allow at designated pickup locations?  For now it's just at Amazon's offices in downtown.  I guess that would be convenient if you were an employee, but otherwise nobody would make a special trip there for pickup.


Anonymous said...

Where do they deliver? I got access but my address doesn't work yet.

Richard Sprague said...

so far they only deliver to Mercer Island.

gblobber said...

Great info do you have any more screenshots I would love to get a glimpse of it before it comes to my neighborhood.


Richard Sprague said...

John, Anything in particular you're looking for? I'll do another writeup once I have more experience using it.

Anonymous said...

We just placed our first order on AmazonFresh and we were delighted with the quality of service. We placed the order at 11PM PST and when we checked outside our door at 5.45AM, the maal was already there! Neatly stacked in temperature controlled totes, just outside the door. Saves us a trip to the nearby grocery store.