Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Anybody know a good tax consultant?

My taxes aren't super complicated -- it's not like I've got second homes and rental property all over the place -- but I'm not a 1040EZ case either.  Last year I filed using TurboTax Online, and it worked great except for, um, a slight boo-boo that could have been prevented if somebody who knows tax law was looking over my shoulder.  In past years, like when we moved from California and bought a new house, I've paid professionals, but I haven't been happy with the tax consultants we've found in the Bellevue or Mercer Island area.  I have all my records in order, so it should be an easy job for somebody who knows what they're doing. I just want quality, and somebody who can explain to me what they're doing.

Judysbook.com has a recommendation somebody posted for Harley H Hoppe & Associates, but it looks like a property tax specialist who would probably be overkill for me. 

Who do you use for your taxes?

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