Thursday, February 08, 2007

2009 Prius

Here's what Popular Mechanics says it will look like:

MPG goes up to 80 and it gets more power.

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MarcLord said...


Congrats on the fine ride, it seems perfect for you (the 2009 is even more perfect). Your whole BMW flirtation faked me out, and I found an unsent email in my draft box explaining why an Acura T-SX might be the anti-BMW for you. Luckily, it stayed in my outbox.

A friend at AT&T has had her Prius for almost two years and loves it, not a single service issue so far. 58.x mpg observed from New Jersey to Wisconsin and back last October.

A diesel or hybrid Toyota FJ Cruiser would have me cold, some rumors see a diesel coming in '09. But the '09 Prius tempts me big-time.