Thursday, December 09, 2004

The paper this morning said: The Seattle Times: Local News: Gregoire: I had no role in lawsuit

But look at the email I got:
Dear Richard,

I need your immediate help. You've probably heard about the extremely close race for governor here in Washington. Only 42 votes separate my opponent and me, and thousands of ballots across the state haven't been counted.

This is by far the closest race in the history of our state, and one of the closest the nation has ever seen. That means we must make sure that every single legitimate ballot has been counted -- and that means a statewide manual recount of every vote.

Washington state law requires the party requesting the recount to pay for it, and it will cost at least $750,000. The Democratic Party is committed to this recount, but they need your immediate donation today to make it happen. Please give today.

Signed Chris Gregoire

Is she behind the lawsuit or not?

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Gene Sprague said...

Do you think that they will succeed?