Thursday, April 23, 2015

Upcoming talk: Your Microbiome, Your Health

If you’re in the Seattle area on April 29th, I hope you’ll come to a talk I’ll be giving for The STEAM Vent, a local science event organizer. I’ll present the latest that I’ve learned about the microbiome, including the results of a bunch of self-experiments I’ve done since last year to understand more and learn how to manipulate my own microbial environment.

I’m super-excited that uBiome has generously offered a bunch of prizes for attendees, including free uBiome gut kits (worth $89) and some t-shirts.

The event will be held at T.S. McHugh’s, an Irish Pub/Restaurant near the Space Needle. They’re offering a special “microbe-friendly” meal beforehand, an entrée that includes fresh sauerkraut and other healthy bacterial cultures for those who want to feed their microbes.

My talk starts at 7:30, and The STEAM Vent charges an admission fee of $10. But I strongly encourage you to come a little earlier for the meal ($25, including admission).

Find out more at the Meetup page.