Sunday, July 27, 2014

Break out the sriracha

Seth Roberts often came up with hunches, reasonable hypotheses, about various foods or habits. But don’t pick the hypotheses randomly; base it on something, make sure it fits a bigger theory about the world, and then devise experiments to prove the hunch wrong.  My hunch is that hot, spicy foods are good for you and that adding even a small amount to any food helps make it more nutritious.  Here’s the new one I’m going to try: sriracha sauce.
My reasons:
  • Highest rating by Cooks Illustrated. (btw, Tabasco sauce is “not recommended”)
  • Simple ingredients: red chilis, garlic, vinegar (though note: 1g of sugar / tsp)
  • It tastes good!
The web site Thatsnerdilicious claims it’s even the “cure to all your problems”!  What’s not to like?