Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Switch to P-I

I skim the Seattle Times print edition each morning because it's there on my driveway each morning, but otherwise virtually all my news about the world comes from the internet.  Here's a Nielsen list of the top on-line news sites:

Source Viewers (M) 
18.9  10.7  8.9
Wall Street Journal Online  6.9
LA Times  5.7
New York Post  4.7  4.2
Chicago Tribune  3.8 Francisco Chronicle  3.8
Daily News Online Edition  3.3
Newsday  3.2
Village Voice Media  2.8  2.7
The Houston Chronicle  2.7
International Herald Tribune  2.6
Atlanta Journal Constitution  2.4
Chicago Sun Times 2.2
The Politico  2.1  2
Seattle Post Intelligencer  2  1.9
Star Tribune  1.8  1.7
Orlando Sentinel  1.6  1.6
Sun Sentinel  1.5
Detroit Free Press  1.5  1.5  1.5
The San Diego Union Tribune  1.4

  There it is, the Seattle P-I web site scores higher than the Seattle Times, which doesn't even make the top 30.  It even scores higher than the San Jose Mercury News (Silicon Valley's newspaper).

I wonder how much of the Seattle P-I score comes from their news department and how much comes from their popular blogs (like Todd Bishop's Microsoft blog).


[via Seattlest]


Anonymous said...

Nielson or Nielsen?

Richard Sprague said...

oops -:
(fixed it now)