Sunday, April 13, 2008

Jesus Christ lizard and the bugs of Costa Rica

Everywhere in Costa Rica, all the time, there's something interesting to look at or hear.  One of our days was spent on Rio Frio, watching some of the incredible wildlife, including this basilisk lizard, better known as the "Jesus Christ" lizard because of the way it walks on water.

Basilisk (aka Jesus Christ lizard) walking on the water

My kids and other travel companions are always embarrassed with the way I seem to be constantly taking photos, so this photo wasn't so much a "lucky shot" as it was just one of the hundreds I was taking.

And here's a Hercules Beetle that was given to us by a store keeper in the Poas Volcano area, when she saw how enamored my son is with all things entomological:

Hercules Beetle

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