Sunday, September 17, 2006

MaximumPC's utilities

    MaximumPC (Nov 2006) recommends the following utilities that caught my eye:

    WinDirStat: to help understan where all your hard disc space went.

    File Shedder: to completely, thoroughly, erase and permanently delete a file.

    TrueCrypt: really,really encrypt a file. Apparently works with USB keys.

    Ccleaner: recover hard drive space wasted on temp files, unused regedit entries, etc.

    Belarc Advisor: audit your system's drivers, logins, etc.

    ExplorerXP: much better than the Windows Explorer. Also chop up large files into smaller ones for easier FTP.

    This issue has a How To article about streaming video from a webcam. They recommend a $20 utility from

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