Thursday, September 07, 2006

Feld's 80-19-1 Rule

Brad Feld has the interesting insight that a content publisher should worry most about the 19% who are left after the 1% of people who will actively participate in any new online venture (give up on the remaining 80% who are contributors only and won't actively participate).  He also points to Tom Evslin's site where you can even download an Excel file to model this.

My quick take: you engage the 19% by offering them a way to participate that is brain-dead simple. For example, Amazon's "Did you like this review" feature--just click yes or no and you're done. No registration, no typing, just click on a link and you're done.

I also think the world needs something to expose your passive activities (e.g. surfing from link to link) in a way that helps you build content and maintain privacy without specifically needing to enter something.

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