Monday, May 22, 2006

sprague channel: Live on the PiXPO Network

I just created a new video channel, Richard Sprague's Kids, on a new site called PiXPO.

It's like YouTube, only it streams directly from my PC. That means no mess with uploading to a central server, although my PC must be turned on for you to view content.

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KD said...

Hey Rik! It's Katie, your cousin! I was just "snooping" around on your website since I'm doing some research on which websites are the best to share pictures/video on. I tried to click on the PiXPO link, but since you're not online, I can't view anything. I know of a few people that have a blogspot site, so I was thinking of starting one myself, but I'm not sure yet. So far, I've really only tried using Kodak EasyShare Gallery. (Which you're probably laughing about right now). Since my parents still only use the ancient art of Dial-Up internet, I can't send them any pictures by email, because my file sizes are so huge and it takes them half an hour for one picture.

It would be nice to create a site where me and my brothers can all post stuff, so we really only have one site that has it all on there. Do you know of any website that accomodates something like that?

Also, tell Nathan that I almost caught him a cool scorpion-like "thing" while we were hiking on Sunday. I didn't know we had scorpions here in S.C., but this sure looked like one! I was too afraid to kill it, not knowing if it was an unknown species! Ha ha...but I took a picture of it. It turned out really fuzzy because it was moving really fast and I was taking the picture hoping it wasn't going to pinch me or our dog!

Hope everything is swell!!