Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Marriage of Bill and Hillary

Clintons Balance Married and Public Lives - New York Times:
Since the start of 2005, the Clintons have been together about 14 days a month on average, according to aides who reviewed the couple's schedules. Sometimes it is a full day of relaxing at home in Chappaqua; sometimes it is meeting up late at night. At their busiest, they saw each other on a single day, Valentine's Day, in February 2005 � a month when each was traveling a great deal. Last August, they saw each other at some point on 24 out of 31 days. Out of the last 73 weekends, they spent 51 together. The aides declined to provide the Clintons' private schedule.


Anonymous said...

One seriously wonders what the point of this post is. Why didn't you delve further into the matter so that you could inform your readers of the frequency with which the Clintons have sexual intercourse?

Richard Sprague said...

thanks for your comment, Bob. But I'm not sure what your point is. This is a pretty innocent reference to a NYT article that was interesting to me because I've often wondered just how "married" the Clintons are. Are her presidential aspirations helped or hindered by her association with Bill? I'm just not sure.

Incidentally, do I know you? Can I ask you to unblock your blogger profile so I can see who you are? When you post anonymously, I don't know how seriously to take you.

Anonymous said...

Discussions of the Clinton marriage are pretty much at the Brangelina level. Your original post put the words "marriage" in the title in quotation marks, as if it were not real. Would you post a link to an article about John McCain's marriage? It would seem to be mere prurience and only marginally relevant to Hillary's presidential prospects in 2008 or beyond how much time she and Bill spend together, although given how busy both of them are, the amount they do would seem to be more than anyone would expect.

Of course, one could do much worse than Bill as First Person. Is it a mere coincidence that ex-Republican Presidents are sitting on boards and playing golf, while ex-Democratic Presidents are working on AIDS, school nutrition, and housing for the poor?

The real issue with Hillary is not how often she hooks up with good old Bill, but rather to what extent she represents any useful direction to the Democratic party. I like Hillary and think she's smart and good, but in my personal opinion, she's pretty much disqualified herself for any meaningful consideration for top political office by sticking with her position in favor of the pre-emptive war against Iraq. She's probably trying to ingratiate herself with the "middle"; perhaps she didn't notice that more than 2/3 of the American populate, including ex-Bush supporters, now (finally) realize that the war was a huge mistake. The Democrats have a major chance in 2008, but will need to run Gore or Barack Obama to take advantage of it.

> do I know you?

I value my privcy and will continue to post anonymously.