Friday, November 26, 2004

NYTimes: State of Iraq

The New York Times publishes a handy Fact-based update on the current state of Iraq.

(Click on the image to see the details)

Note that although the percentage of people who say the country is better off since the war is largely unchanged from last year (about 40%), those who are optimistic about the future remains high too: 65%.

Also note that on many other dimensions life is greatly improving: in the past six months oil revenue is up 25%, telephone subscribership is almost double, electric production is up, etc.

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Gene Sprague said...

Rush predicted that after the election the news would take on a different direction in that the economy would start looking good, the Iraq war would take on a positive light, poverty would diminision, etc. Sure enough, our liberal Detroit Free Press had a thanksgiving report and how the economy was indeed improving, the war in Iraq was succeeding, and people were prospering.