Saturday, November 20, 2004

Marc's Voice: AppleCafe and MediaBar

Marc Canter, founder of Macromedia, writes his history of AppleCafe and MediaBar, mentioning

But this guy Amelio (or was it Spindler?) just insisted on poo-pooing all over the Apple brand and consistently acted like an idiot. Oh yah, and that guy Satjiv Chahil as well.

I worked for Satjiv at the time, in Apple Japan marketing, and boy do I remember those days! I think Apple Cafe made more sense in Tokyo than it did in the U.S., but people forget that Japan tends to go from fad to fad. The Japanese like new ideas because they're new, and I think Apple execs often forgot that. When a whole bunch of important Japanese musicians and actors tell you they love your idea, it's easy to think it's because you're onto a great idea, when in reality you're just the flavor of the month to them.

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