Sunday, July 12, 2009

Break my back

Long ago, I used to make fun of people who complain of back or muscle problems. Lazy complainers I said. Then about seven or eight years ago I suffered the same thing and it was sooo awful that I swore I’d be much more careful with my musculo-skeletal system, and I became very sympathetic toward others who have similar problems.  When the pain hits, you can’t think about anything else and you really become handicapped.  Not fun.

Fortunately somehow I escaped further problems until now. While picking up my laptop the other day, I felt a sharp pain in my lower back and it basically has been there ever since.  It was bad enough that I’ve now gone back for several treatments with a chiropractor, Dr. Jeff Pardon from Mercer Island Chiropractic.


Jeff is extremely friendly and articulate, patiently explaining the ins and outs of the spinal system and its affect on health but I’m  never sure how much to trust the whole field of chiropractics.   Is it an art or a science?  I’m moving to China in a few weeks, so I can’t get on a treatment protocol for long-term relief anyway, and I’m not sure if anything will eliminate the risk of this pain happening again.  

Meanwhile I just have to be extra careful.