Thursday, May 21, 2009

I (heart) technology

Heart CT
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At my annual physical this week, my doctor suggested that I get a $99 CT Cardiac Score to find out how good my arteries really are. Rather than guess that my low cholesterol is keeping me safe from heart disease, why not find out for sure?

So this morning I went to Bellevue Medical Imaging and 15 minutes later walked out with this video. No needles, no yukky medicine, no poking. I just laid down (in my regular clothes) for a minute or two while they ran this donut-shaped CAT machine over my chest.
Getting a multi slice CT exam to painlessly measure calcium i... on Twitpic
I have no idea whether this is a good heart or not -- some expert will need to interpret it for me -- but you can't beat how easy it was.

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