Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Mercer Island snow and ice

Our weather is awful: thick ice and snow everywhere, with no prospects for clear roads for at least another week.  I’ve been following the details on the Cliff Nass Weather Blog, written by the famous University of Washington weather expert, but unfortunately there is not much good news lately.  The best I’ve seen is this snow plow, spotted on Island Crest Way this morning.  I wish there were more of these!

Snow plow
For those of you who read my blog for Mercer Island news, please start checking a new site, where a group of us will be posting more information about local topics: iMercerisland.com.  I just posted a bunch of new photos there as well as on my FlickR page.

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Guiarony said...

Too cold for me! But snow is magic!
Happy new year!
Best regards!