Monday, November 03, 2008

Sign Waving to Commuters

If you want to say something to Mercer Islanders, you can’t beat the intersection of Island Crest Way and 40th as a place to publicize your message.  A large percentage of the island drives past it every morning, and they’re your captive audience until the light turns green.  There must be an election or something this week, because here’s what we had this morning:


Can you spot the three City Council members in these photos?


I wonder how crowded it’ll be tomorrow morning?


Anonymous said...

I just wish the fools would keep their signs out of the road. Cars had to swerve to avoid them this morning.

Anonymous said...

I drove about 6 times up/down ICW for various reasons and only saw courteous sign wavers who are volunteerting their valuable time for a great cause.