Friday, October 17, 2008

Seattle Times Endorses Steve Litzow

The Seattle Times endorsed Steve Litzow in the race for 41st State Legislative District. You have to chuckle at their follow-on comment

His opponent, Democrat Marcie Maxwell, a member of the Renton School Board, is passionate about education but doesn't seem to have an original idea about the topic.


Their rejection stings even more when compared to the kinder comments they made when they passed on Fred Jarrett’s competitor, Bob Baker, who they at least encourage to “stay in local politics”.  It’s clear they agree with the Municipal League’s non-partisan assessment that Marcie just isn’t as qualified.

Note how quickly Steve added the Seattle Times endorsement to this brand new campaign video:

Compare it to a similar one released by Marcie’s team a few weeks ago:

I think the Seattle Times assessment is accurate.  I don’t know any Democrats who are enthusiastic about Marcie.  If you are, and you really think she’d be a better legislator, especially on education issues, please let me know in the comments.  Do original ideas matter in this race?


Anonymous said...

I agree with the Seattle Times. Marcie's a nice person, but just too dull and a rubber-stamper to be good for politics.

IssyMom said...

I have to agree. After interviewing both candidtates on education, Litzow possesses the skills and drive necessary to drive change in Olympia. Marcie seems too invested in her education establishment organizations and friendships amongst 41st district school directors to be effective. These education groups tend to be the most self-defeating group when it comes to education improvement. Legislators don't want to listen to them anymore. They want to hear from parents.