Sunday, August 24, 2008

Konga Co-op from Terroir Coffee

There is no point drinking bad coffee if you live in the Seattle area.  In fact, some would argue there's little point living here period, in all this rain, unless you take advantage of the extremely good coffee that's readily available.  But what to do when you're out of town, as I was earlier this month while vacationing on the East Coast?  Well, we had flown into Boston so naturally i made it a point to visit George Howell Coffee Company, in Acton.  It's a bit of a drive, but it was close to where my in-laws live, so we swung by anyway.  There is no retail store, so unfortunately I wasn't able to enjoy any of the coffees on the spot, but I did buy this extremely tasty espresso roast from Konga Co-op, in Ethiopian Yirgacheffe.  Boy is it tasty!  Definitely one of the best espressos I have ever had.  The roasting was absolutely perfect, as good as the best I've tasted in Seattle.

But now I've run out. So yesterday I swung by Trabant again to see if they had any Konga (they did a few months ago) but alas, none for a couple of months.  And Terroir distributes through Whole Foods in the Northeast, but not (yet) apparently here.   Somehow I must find more!

9/25: Update:  Michael from Trabant wrote me to say they now have some in stock!  I’ll be there this weekend to load up.

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Eastside Business said...

I'm one of the few non-coffee drinkers in the state. At one point they found out and deported me to California, but I was able to sneak back in almost 4 years ago.