Saturday, July 05, 2008

Who is Steve Litzow?

As I keep saying, local elections are more relevant than national ones, and for Mercer Island you need to know about the choices for 41st district state legislature, Marcie Maxwell and Steve Litzow. Since I already mentioned Marcie, I need to say a few words about Steve as well.  Or better yet, let Steve speak for himself.  I met him the other day at Tully's, where he talked to me about his background and some thoughts about how to improve education.

Both Marcie and Steve are easy (and eager!) to meet people in our district, so if you care about local issues, don't be shy: get to know them before you make up your mind.


Anonymous said...

He says his top three issues are:

1) education
2) reduce congestion
3) environment (sustainability).

I think you should have asked:

"Why are you running as a republican instead of as a democrat?"

Anonymous said...

GREAT idea....

Anonymous said...

This is the only candidate I can remember who leaves me phone messages every other day! I don't even know what his opponent stands for, but I'm voting for him anyway!! Here is the problem with the automated phone messages:

1.) Impersonal--it is a recorded message, not a real person

2.) Rude--unsolicited phone messages during dinner and at other odd times.

3.) Pathetic--He actually has one message with his wife and another message with his daughter. What is he trying to say?? My family believes in me, so should you!?!? I should hope THEY are going to vote for him! Weak and pathetic. Very sad.

Like I said, I never heard of Litzow before the telephone messages. He would have had at least a 50% chance of my voting for him on election day. Now, with this obnoxious unwanted solicitation, I'm going to vote against him on principle!