Monday, June 16, 2008

Not enough jails in this country

When I arrived home from Vashon late last night, our mailbox was still there, but sometime between then and mid-morning, some jerk pulled it out of the ground and ran off with it.

mailbox torn down

They didn't take our neighbor's box (on the left) but that little stump (on the right) is all that remains of ours.  The policeman tried to suggest that maybe somebody knocked it over with a car, but that doesn't make sense: why would they steal the whole thing and take it with them?

All our important mail (finances, bills, letters from Trabant) goes to our PO Box, so the most a thief would get is maybe a late Fathers Day card or a copy of the Economist, and besides, the guy took it before the mailman arrived today anyway.  ("Are you sure, Daddy?" my daughter asked, "Maybe they wanted the Ross-Simons catalog").

It clearly was a deliberate act. We found the mailbox later, tossed under a tree on a nearby street.

Missing mailbox

What kind of a loser would do such a thing?

Our house has an armed security system, plus a web cam that pushes live images to the internet (unfortunately, it doesn't face the mailbox, though). Plus our neighbors all know each other and we talk a lot, so we are all now very wary.

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