Monday, May 19, 2008

Real fixes to global warming

This month's Wired magazine (June 2008, not yet available on-line) is an absolute must-read for anyone seriously concerned about global warming and what can really be done about it.  The headline summarizes the thinking nicely: keep your SUV, forget organics, go nuclear, screw the spotted owl.  Like much of Wired, the title is meant to be provocative, but there is a huge grain of truth that deserves careful thought: all "fixes" have costs, and you better really know what you're doing before you make major changes in the name of "the environment".

Meanwhile, I'm following the advice posted yesterday at Crosscut's article "Sparing no expense to reduce that carbon footprint".  Here's my favorite tip:

I often hear the excuse, "With my schedule, I can't be expected to carpool." I say nonsense. Driving produces more than half your carbon footprint. I always ride with at least two people in the car, except on Sundays, when traffic is light and my driver has his day off.

Hey, every little bit counts.

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