Monday, February 18, 2008

United States Mission canvassing Mercer Island

We just got back from a fun ski trip and around 6pm I got a knock on the door from a stranger who introduced himself as "Jimmie".  Very polite, very nice guy, said he was from United States Mission, a homeless shelter in Seattle.  He asked if I'd be willing to donate.  I don't know anything about the organization, but I took his flyer and said I'd read it later.

We rarely get unsolicited callers during the evening (except maybe during campaign season).  Upon reading their web site I see that the people who receive services from them are put to work six days a week doing a variety of things, including fundraising.  Maybe that's what Jimmie was up to.


Anonymous said...

One came to my door. Upon doing some googling, it certainly appears this is a religious based organization, though the door knocker claimed it wasn't. Also, the google search suggested that some folks with the mission (or saying they are) run away when confronted for details.

It seems WAY to suspicious for me.

Anonymous said...

The United States Mission shelter is listed on the King County Shelter and Housing Sites:

I spoke with the canvaser at length about the organization, especially about the religious connection. He told me that while the organization is religiously based, they do not require that people submit to religious indoctrination in order to receive help.

Anonymous said...

The United States Mission is now canvassing Shoreline for donations. The doesn't have a charity rating for them, but the WA Secretary of State web site confirms they are a registered 501(c)3 tax exempt organization.

The King County housing and shelter web site says about United States Mission: "Shared room, two meals; must go door-to-door for mission funds daily. No religious requirements."

From their web site at "THE UNITED STATES MISSION was founded in Los Angeles, California in 1962 by the Reverend Robert Humphries. The organization was incorporated in the State of California in 1966 and soon sought and was granted, nonprofit and tax exempt status."

Have a great day,


Anonymous said...

I just got a knock on my door today, June 26th in the Queen Anne neighborhood. A friendly, polite man named Jeff told me that he was living at the mission. I donated $20 cash and received a receipt. After Googling United States Mission Seattle I found this. I'm wary of scammers, but this guy seemed to be the real deal. And if he blows the cash on beer, so be it. At least he's trying to go the right way.

Anonymous said...

I can say for a fact that the United States Mission Shelter located in San Diego is a good, honest place. My son was living in the streets of San Diego(sleeping in parks, under the freeway, picking through trash cans etc..)for 4 months. A friend told him about the shelter. He too knocks door to door for donations. The donations are used to keep the shelter going. I am personally thankful for their help. Please give what you can to these guys. It truely helps.

Anonymous said...

One just came to my door here in Los Angeles. He was straightforward, calm and sincere. He wanted me to know they only do this once a year and showed me the map of how they do section by section yearly. The money helps run their shelter. I gave the guy $20 and he was adamant that I call the phone number on the receipt to report that I had given him cash. He said they've had complications with cash in the past and that was the reason. No magazine subscriptions, no class trips, no saving the whales. Just straight up trying to help people down on their luck. When a place like this comes across as honest and sincere, maybe it's because they are.

Anonymous said...

I had a sincere young man come to our door. We offered him water due to the day being warm. He explained his organization. It seemed legit. I went into home to write a check but first checked the web to find confirming info. Wasn't able to find supporting info so just donated $10 in check. He wrot out a receipt and thanked me. This was in the Santa Clarita, CA area.

Anonymous said...

I lived in the LA chapter for six months. Good clean safe place for anyone homless and looking to get ahead.(Idid) You are paid a small amount of what you collect for personal needs. I once knocked on a door in the Holllywood his and after talking with the day of the house and her making a couple of calls she wrote out a check for $5,000. This is a worthy org.