Saturday, January 19, 2008

Northwest Food and Wine

Celebrating Food and Wine in the Northwest is a short (9-min) podcast from NPR last week worth listening to if you like food. From the description:

Weekend Edition Sunday, January 13, 2008 · Northwestern cities such as Seattle and Portland are experiencing an explosion of new restaurants and wineries. Braiden Rex-Johnson, author of Pacific Northwest Wining and Dining, talks to Liane Hansen about why she loves Seattle's food and wine scene, how to shop for seafood, and what makes a good wine pairing.

Here's the book


My sound bites:

  • Portland chefs are more daring because the real estate costs are lower.
  • See Etta seafood: cold-smoked salmon with shiitake mushrooms
  • Best recipe is on p.34 "wild king salmon with cherries"
  • Kevin Davis at Steelhead Diner in Pike Place Market is "taking the city by a storm"
  • Recommends the virginica oyster

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