Saturday, December 08, 2007

Water Conservation with HydroLogics Software

Asheville, Oregon has help from software when they try to manage their water conservation.  According to last week's Citizen-Times of Asheville

Called OASIS, the software was developed by the Raleigh consulting firm HydroLogics and purchased by the Asheville Water Resources Department in 2004. Engineers based the Asheville model on decades of records of rainfall and the amount of water flowing into the North Fork Reservoir, the city’s primary water source north of Black Mountain...

Hey, HydroLogics is my cousin's company!  If you need water conservation software, you should definitely contact them.

But you might not want to let them know you heard about it from me.  I promised him I'd send him video I took at his wedding a few months ago and I'm late.  :-)

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