Saturday, November 03, 2007

Meeting Bruce Bassett at Starbucks

Local elections should be about local issues, so why waste your vote on somebody you've never met, or who isn't already a friend of somebody you know or trust?  Endorsements from Big Shots or national political organizations won't help you much the next time your street gets a pothole or your kids' school needs their soccer fields repaired.

I like Bruce Bassett because I know him.  He's a long-time resident of Mercer Island who has been active in local organizations for many years, long enough to know what matters to normal people. I saw him at the South End Starbucks yesterday and talked to him about the campaign (and his competitor, Patti Darling),  downtown traffic issues, and what he thinks about technologies like Wikis and Blogs.

See for yourself: click here for a 3-min video summary of our chat:

Chat with Bruce Bassett
Bruce Bassett for Mercer Island City Council

Still trying to figure out how to vote for Position # 5 on November 6th?  Contact Bruce yourself -- I know he'll be more than happy to talk about what matters to you too.

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