Monday, September 03, 2007

Road Narrows

This sign greeted us when we returned from last week's vacation:

It's on a street not far from our house.  The neighbors, especially those with children, have been wanting it for a long time because too many cars like to tumble down this hill at full speed, unaware children and bicyclists might be ahead. At the narrowest section, it's effectively a one-way street so cars often find themselves head-to-head.

Do you recognize this street?  Dan Grausz, on Mercer Island City Council does. He helped the neighbors get that sign. He's a good city councilman.  Guess how much he raised for his last re-election?  Answer: $7500, virtually all of it in small donations from local people. None of it from big off-island special interest organizations.

Everything is local, in politics and in the rest of life. Mercer Island's not a big place.  I wonder how many of the candidates in this year's City Council election can name this street?  I wonder how many of them ever been on this street? If I were on the Seattle Times editorial board, that'd be one of my questions to people like Maureen Judge, Mike Cero, Bruce Bassett, Patti Darling:  can you name this street? 

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