Sunday, July 29, 2007

Mercer Island needs more places like Cellar46

Did you know that Washington's wine country and the French Bordeaux region are both located at 46 degrees latitude?  That's the inspiration for Cellar46, that fancy wine bar in downtown Mercer Island that we finally visited this weekend. We didn't have a real meal there, just some dessert, but we'll be back.  Their lease contract forbids them from competing directly with Bennetts just around the corner, but they seem to interpret it fairly liberally. You could easily organize an evening for friends here and nobody would go hungry with all the salads, paninis, brushetta, and more. 

You can also order gourmet coffee, chocolate, and other goodies.  They're open from 11am to 11pm, so after lunch I have no idea why anybody would meet up at Starbucks when you have a place like this right around the corner.  Plus, they have quiet, live music in the evenings, and yes, kids are welcome -- we saw coloring books at the counter.  They even have free WiFi!



Cellar 46 in Mercer Island

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