Thursday, April 12, 2007

Simple majority for school levies

EHJR 4204 - 2007-08 just passed the state senate (and yes, Mercer Island's Senator Weinstein supported it). This is a proposed change to the state constitution that will allow school levies to pass by a simple majority instead of the current 2/3rds -- a much-higher bar.

This still must be approved by the Governor (slam dunk) and then by voters, and there is already a web site and campaign underway to get this passed.

I part with my fellow Libertarians on this one. Sure, there is the ever-present danger that this makes it too easy for lazy districts to raise taxes without accountability, but my kids' school is way underfunded today. For now I'd much rather fight to ensure the money is spent wisely than fight that it gets raised at all.

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