Monday, June 19, 2006

Go ahead and melt the North Pole

Patrick J. Michaels seems like a mainstream climate expert, with plenty of credentials (including aPhD in climatology from U-Wisconsin). He thinks people are mispresenting global warming.

One thing he says, which I can't refute and now seems obvious: If all the ice at the North Pole were to melt, it wouldn't affect the world's sea levels at all. The North Pole is ocean, frozen over with ice. Just like how if you melt an ice cube in a glass of water, the level of water won't change, global warming that melted the entire North Pole wouldn't change the world's sea levels.

Of course, that level of warming would melt plenty of land-bound ice that would find its way to the ocean, raising sea levels. But I assume the scientists who calculate all this stuff have taken the North Pole's ocean-locked status into account?

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