Sunday, March 05, 2006

The real reason Iraq is such a mess

In "Best Science & Nature Writing 2004, Steve Sailor notes:

"In Iraq, as in much of the region, nearly half of all married couples are first or second cousins to each other. A 1986 study of 4,500 married hospital patients and staff in Baghdad found that 46% were wed to a first or second cousin, while a smaller 1989 survey found 53% were 'consanguineously' married. The most prominent example of an Iraqi first cousin marriage is that of Saddam Hussein and his first wife Sajida."

Apparently this is the norm in much of the Muslim world, and is even blamed for the disproportionate number of genetic defects among British Pakistanis. I guess many Iraqis would not be able to find wedded bliss in the U.S.

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