Sunday, February 05, 2006

TCS Daily - Stuck on 1968

TCS Daily - Stuck on 1968:

"The Conventional Wisdom among well-educated liberals in 1968 included the

  • Anti-Communism was a greater menace than Communism.
  • The planet could not possibly support the population increases that would take
    place by the end of the twentieth century.
  • Conservatives stood in the way of progress for minorities.
  • Government programs were the best way to lift people out of poverty.
  • What underdeveloped countries needed were large capital investments, financed by foreign aid from the rich countries.
  • Inflation was a cost-push phenomenon, requiring government intervention in
    wage and price setting.

The degree of confidence in these beliefs was so strong that liberals in 1968 came to the overriding conclusion that: Anyone who is not a liberal must be incorrigibly stupid."

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