Saturday, September 24, 2005

Sushi Kyo: Unexpected pleasure

After reading a detailed on-line review, we gave Sushi Kyo a try with our family of five. Clean and cozy, easy-to-find right on 1st ave a few blocks from the Space Needle, the food is basic but well-prepared. The place obviously hasn't been discovered yet: on a Saturday night it was full but no waiting. I came with my family. Our oldest, an 8-year-old, had no problem with her sushi tempura dinner. Four big tails of shrimp, fried just right without too much oil. The two younger kids split an order of Yakiudon (beef): tasty, not too spicy, large portions. We also tried a broad selection of sushi, from the "normal" (California roll and maguro) to the slightly off-track (azura). It was all fresh and cleanly presented. The natto-maki was a little chewy, but that's a nit: I rarely find places that serve natto well. But the pickled ginger was unbelievably fresh and sharp. Our total bill was about $100, which felt a little expensive, but we left feeling completely stuffed.

I'd recommend it: parking is easy, service is fast, reasonable environment for families. And your prime card works.

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