Friday, July 08, 2005

Debunking Super Size Me

Looks like a lot of people have done fact-checking on the Morgan Spurlock movie that I watched this week.

  • TechCentralStation runs a page called SuperSizeCon that is full of lots of summaries debunking the movie and book.

  • SpurlockWatch is a blog that regularly updates fallout from the movie and books.

One interesting link is by Ruth Kava, Director of Nutrition in the American Council on Science and health, who documents the case of two people who did the 30-day McDonalds-only diet and actually lost weight. She notes that these people chose their McDonalds food more judiciously than Morgan Spurlock apparently did, and they combined their eating with sensible exercise.

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Anonymous said...

Okay... If you had paid attention at the beginning of the movie, which was when Mr. Spurlock outlined his experiment, you would know that he did NOT exercise during his 30-day binge because a MAJORITY of Americans do NOT do so...

Thanks for not paying attention to the plot, have a nice day...