Saturday, October 16, 2004

Millionaires for Bush, Billionaires for Kerry (Slate)

Why the super-rich favor the candidate who will raise their taxes. By Daniel�Gross

This Slate author shows just how out-of-touch some writers are. He thinks millionaires and billionaires base their political opinions on who will give them more take-home income. There's another explanation: maybe self-made people prefer less regulatory government policies and they support Bush in spite of his failings because they feel that, all things considered, the Republicans are less likely to interfere with an entrepreneur's ability to create new things.

And maybe many of the super-duper rich prefer Kerry for a totally different reason: they inherited their money and, because entrepreneurship and industry doesn't matter to them, they think of the government as another charitable organization doling out unearned gifts on little people in need.

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